Declaration of Impartiality公正性声明


To assure the compliance of corporate law, regulatory accreditation status and the legal status of laboratory work, the corporate makes the following declaration of impartiality:


While engaging in testing activities, our laboratory and personnel remain independent of the interests of any parties involved in the testing data and results issued by us. We are not influenced by any factors that may interfere with technical judgments and strictly abide by the relevant laws and regulations of the country. We follow the principles of objectivity, independence, fairness, justice, honesty, and credibility, adhere to professional ethics, assume social responsibilities, ensure that our laboratory's basic conditions and technical capabilities can continuously meet the requirements of qualification accreditation, and guarantee that the inspection and testing data and results issued are genuine, objective, and accurate.


The corporate performs tasks with strict integrity, impartiality, scientific-technical rationality, and confidentiality, to eradicate any deficiency of client interest.


The corporate promises to take all the legal responsibilities and obligations agreed with clients.


All information provided by clients is restricted for the testing and certification activities agreed. Such information, including but not limited to technical data and documentations, is prohibited for the use of other technical development, consultancy services, technical services, and trade activities.


The corporate opens to supervisions and complaints from the public.